used as both sigular and plural

  1. Compensation for a loss or injury; recompense; reparation.
    • As to you, Mr. Carruthers, I think that you have done what you could to make amends for your share in an evil plot. — Doyle


6 letters in word "amends": A D E M N S.

Anagrams of amends:

Words found within amends:

ad admen ads ae am amen amend amens an and ands ane anes as da dae daes dam dame dames damn damns dams dan dans das de dean deans deman den dens ea ean eans eas ed eds em ems en end ends ens es ma mad made mads mae maes man mand mane maned manes mans manse mas mase mased me mead meads mean means med men menad mend mends mensa mes mesa mna mnas na nae nam name named names nams nas ne ned neds nema nemas sad sade sae sam same samen san sand sane saned sea seam sean sed sedan sen sena send sma snead sned